French Casement Windows

Open any property to the surrounding environment with our innovative French Casement Windows, providing totally unobstructed views with the assurance of swiftly exiting the building when required.

Clear View

Hinges open to a full 90° angle with one opening sash carryng the centre mullion offering completely unrestricted space.

Safety & Compliance

French Casement windows are fully compliant with current Building Regulations and therefore ideal for smaller openings especially where a fire escape is required.

More Light

When the window is fully open there is no central mullion in the way, this allows the maximum amount of light to flood the room.


It is possible to open both vents fully or alternatively open the master sash independently to the slave for ventilation.

Casement Windiws

Casement Windows
Casement Windiws

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Casement Windiws

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Casement Windiws

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