Synseal Patio System

Synseal's Patio door systems are easy to order , easy to fabricate and easy to install while providing margins to drive your sales growth. 0-X-0 or 0-X-X-0 configurations are available to ensure choice is maximised for every situation. Doors include multi-point locking systems and a variety of door options from sliding panels to french doors.

The Synseal patio system comes with the full range of 13 Artisan colourways including the all new Chartwell Green heritage colour. Offer the end-user a new proposition warmth, style and security installed easily and efficiently using a proven systems manufacturer and recognised brand name.  

Advantages of the Synseal Patio System

  • Provided in a height kit and width kit for easy installation
  • X-0 , 0-X-0 and 0-X-X-0 configuration
  • Easy to order
  • Easy to install
  • Proven system from a leading manufacturer